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Coats Nature Tech’s core business is to help brands develop new aloe vera products or improve formulations of current lines of products. Coats is a highly recognized aloe vera producer in the various product segments it serves.

The advantage for companies to work with Coats is our broad capabilities from concept development, prototyping and benchmarking, testing it for consumer insight, sourcing and procurement, blending and compounding, filling and packing, quality control and taking the final product to the market. Our industrial capabilities allow us to not only develop and manufacture the product but unlike most other contract manufacturers we are a true turnkey provider.

No customer is small or large enough for us. Coats Nature Tech is proud to have been behind the success of major brands from their start up stage to multimillion dollar sales. We have the experience and ability to work with all size of players and our lean operational model allows us to be flexible in terms of delivering the final solution. Our services are reflective of our unmatched technical and manufacturing excellence that secures delivery of quality products with highest efficiency.

How To Get Started

Coats Nature Tech is the industry’s first and most knowledge aloe vera manufacturing company. Founded by Bill Coats, nicknamed “grandfather of aloe” for his wealth of knowledge and extensive research in the field. 

The CNT Advantage - Our Process:

Choosing Your Formula

We make choosing and refining your formula as simple of a process as possible through our highly experienced chemists and engineers.

No Minimum Order Quantity

Whether it's 50 or 500,000 bottles a month, Coats Nature Tech has you covered.

Highest Quality Products

With over 60 years of experience in many different sectors of the Aloe Vera industry, we offer to all of our clients the latest cutting edge technology and highest quality aloe vera infused products.

Farm to Table

We implement rigorous farming & harvest methods, and maintain the highest level of cleanliness throughout the entire process from farm to table.

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